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From PTSD, depression and anxiety to amputees, and para/quadriplegics we are here to help them in a way that just mental health and rehabilitative services cannot achieve.  Too often veterans with disabilities are categorized into a “percentage of improvement” from a rehabilitation standpoint.  Once they reach that number they are released from therapeutic services and expected to adapt to the limitations they have without access to services that will help them improve.  We believe those numbers can be much higher with the right of facility.  A fitness environment allows veterans to feel more conventional as they work their body.  The psychological impact of not feeling like they are in a clinical setting is one very large hurdle that can be overcome.  In a rehabilitation facility, an individual tends to feel “sick” or like there is something wrong with them.  In a fitness center, the psychological belief is that of normalcy, strength and possibility. Our fitness environment encourages reintegration among veterans and we are exclusive to military personnel. We live by the motto “move your body, heal your mind” and we use physical fitness to improve PTSD, limit depression, and lessen anxiety.

-Karen & Mitch


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22 Daily

Every day in the United States approximately 22 veterans commit suicide.

7,400 Yearly

In the latest year statistics were available(2014) more than 7,400 veterans took their own lives.

1 in 5

Nearly 20% of all suicides in america are by veterans, yet they only make up 9% of the U.S. population.

Those numbers are shocking and continue to rise each year. From 2001-2014 veteran suicide rose 32%. More shocking, from 2005-2017 the suicide rate for veterans ages 18-34 increased 76%. In recent years the VA has hired a staggering 5300 mental health providers to deal with this issue while only 30% of veterans utilize any type of VA services. We are here to change that by providing a facility that veterans will want to be a part of.

Move your body, heal your mind

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You can finish up your workout with some cardio then talk to our in-house therapist to help you not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well.

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move your body, heal your mind.


Dear Karen & Mitch,
Thank you for saving my life! Without a doubt, I am convinced that Adaptive Performance Center kept me from the destination upon which The Dark Path tried to force me. When I moved here, severe depression, guilt, shame, worthlessness, and suicidal ideations filled my days and nights without relief. If not for APC, it would have overwhelmed me. I simply cannot say enough positive things about you & your staff! It is clear that your leadership fosters a welcoming and safe environment for all veterans. Richard, Ben, Rebecca, Keri, Doug, Andrea, The Joes, and everyone else have turned your place of business into an establishment of healing & wellness. Without something and someone to look forward to each day, I would’ve had no purpose to continue on. APC has provided me with meaning and purpose! From hosting a Thanksgiving pot-luck to just a simple greeting when I enter, APC has covered every need for this broken stranger seeking belonging & camaraderie in a completely new city and state. Please know you’ve made all the difference in my life; my gratitude cannot be overstated. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays to everyone at Adaptive Performance Center! I look forward to spending 2023 and my future with you!

Jon C

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