Meet The Team

Meet the team

Meet Our People

The people of Adaptive Performance Center truly make the workout experience fun, enjoyable, and meaningful. It starts with the founders, Karen Pearson and Mitch Crouse, and the “difference-maker” persona trickles down to the helpful, approachable staff and volunteers. The impact of our community is felt by everyone who walks in the doors. Our vibe is different because our community is different and we embrace that unique character. Because it is a place that commands respect and encouragement, we are committed to make what seems impossible possible, eliminating veteran suicide and that starts with the faces our members see on a daily basis.  

Our Founders

Mitch Crouse

COO, Co-Founder

Karen Pearson

CEO, Co-Founder

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Our Billings Staff

Andrea Green

Veteran Liaison, Personal Trainer,
Yoga Instructor

Richard Shepard

Manager, Personal Trainer,
Boxing Coach

Dr. Molly Wollner

Occupational Therapist

Jonathan Colburn

Personal Trainer

Jeff Alden

Personal Trainer

Rodney Levesque

Peer Mentor

Cody Matteucci

Technical Consultant

Our Helena Staff

Dr. Molly Wollner

Occupational Therapist

Brit Harris

Grant Program Director

Nate Scott

Manager, personal trainer

Tracy Larson

Personal Trainer

CB Smith

Veteran Liaison, Personal Trainer

Tim Colvin

Personal Trainer

James Talbot

Veteran Liaison

Eddie Aguasanta

Personal Trainer

Our Clients Believe in Us

Here Is What They Are Saying

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